On-Site Childcare Center

On-site childcare centers transform employers to top employers and make communities attractive locations for business. Providing work/life solutions is your investment in the future.

Setting up a Childcare Center

Our services are for companies and communities that are interested in setting up a childcare center but are reluctant to get involved with the authorities, look for the right staff, develop an educational concept or resolve liability issues.

Childcare services are our core competency. Our service enables you to completely outsource this area. We take over the whole project management from the initial gathering of a needs assessment to the implementation and administration of the organization up to monitoring the projects results. You can profit from our expertise.

You are acquainted with the quality of our brand, our early childhood education program and our globegarden childcare centers

Project Management

  1. Opening Discussion
  2. Studies incl. Requirements & Benchmarking
  3. Outline of individual childcare solutions
  4. Decision and implementation
  5. Set-up and Childcare Operations
  6. Quality Control


Contact us at info(at)thekccgroup.org for more information.