We are a provider of community or employer sponsored childcare: Our services range from consulting, place reservations, subsidies, and tax advantages until setting-up on-site childcare centers – always tailored to your individual needs.

Invest in childcare with a trusted partner

Invest in childcare with a trusted partner The majority of young families in Switzerland wish for a good work-life balance. The vision of our organization is to provide professional, modern and individual childcare and daycare solutions to support parents to balance work and family.

As a provider of employer-sponsored childcare, back-up care, education and work-life solutions we can consult you on cost-efficient starter solutions until the set-up of you on-site childcare center. We individually tailor our offering for small and big corporates or communities. Among others we are specialized on operating external childcare centers.

We can offer above average cost-efficient solutions due to our central set-up of the organisation. As the only audited childcare operator in Switzerland our quality management is certified based on ISO 9001. We are a partner to trust.

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Win-Win for all

Win-win for all: Apart from your company, children, employees, communities and also childcare operators profit from your investment. Last but not least setting-up childcare places is making Switzerland an innovative country.




Childcare fee subsidies for your employees, wage-related subsidies, subsidies for high ranked employees – whatever your company decides, we consult you on this matter and can take over all billing and accounting processes for you.