Great fun for young and old!

Saturdays are a good day to explore the neighborhood. On your way you all should definitely make a stop at our daycare centers, when a party full of surprises and magical moments is waiting for you. We at globegarden will regularly open our doors and give all children in the neighborhood an unforgettable morning with great activities. And of course, parents or grandparents will also get their money's worth.

The fact that globegarden has stood for childcare with the highest standards for over ten years and that all of our employees are committed to the promotion of children from baby to preschool age with heart and soul has long since become known throughout Switzerland. Nevertheless, it is very important to us to present our special and award-winning learning and support concepts again and again and to show people who do not know us yet our pedagogical work.

Just drop by and have a good time

A very non-binding insight into globegarden's world of values, which is characterized by mutual respect, appreciation and inclusive diversity, is available at our “Open Days”, which - depending on the location of our facilities - take place on various dates on a Saturday morning. But above all, we want to have fun together, and that's why we've come up with a fantastic social program that everyone will enjoy.

Marvel, romp, laugh, learn

A lot of entertaining spectacles are waiting for our little visitors: A balloon artist will knot the funniest balloon animals, imaginative figures or crazy hats for them. Kids can have their favorite motif painted on their faces at the children's face painting event, and in the creative studios they can paint, do handicrafts and let off steam to their heart's content. Last but not least, there will be a magical clown show that will take the children into the realm of magic for an hour. Of course, the adults can also take part - or they can use the time to get to know other parents and our staff over coffee, cake and other delicious snacks.

We look forward to seeing you!

We welcome all families living in the neighborhood to our events. Feel free to bring your friends and their children and spend an unforgettable morning with us. It would be a great pleasure to meet you!

March 4

globegarden Archhöfe, 10–14 Uhr, Lagerhausstrasse 10, 8400 Winterthur

globegarden Dorfstrasse, 11–14 Uhr, Dorfstrasse 141, 8802 Kilchberg
globegarden Giesshübelstrasse, 10–13 Uhr, Giesshübelstrasse 15, 8045 Zürich
globegarden Kreis 6, 10–14 Uhr, Im Eisernen Zeit 51, 8006 Zürich
globegarden Paradeplatz, 10–14 Uhr, Talstrasse 58, 8001 Zürich
globegarden Seldwyla, 10–14 Uhr, Forchstrasse 370, 8008 Zürich
globegarden Sihlcity, 9–12 Uhr, Üetlibergstrasse 132, 8045 Zürich
globegarden Uhlandstrasse, 10–14 Uhr, Uhlandstrasse 6, 8037 Zürich
globegarden Friedensgasse, 10–14 Uhr, Friedensgasse 7, 8002 Zürich

globegarden Suurstoffi, 10–13 Uhr, Suurstoffi 16, 6343 Rotkreuz

March 11

globegarden Markthalle, 10–13 Uhr, Steinentorberg 26, 4051 Basel
globegarden Steinbühlallee, 14–17 Uhr, Steinbühlallee 216, 4123 Allschwil

globegarden Thunstrasse, 10–14 Uhr, Thunstrasse 80, 3006 Bern

globegarden Trollstrasse, 10–14 Uhr, Trollstrasse 16, 8401 Winterthur

globegarden Bellerivestrasse, 10–13 Uhr, Bellerivestrasse 20, 8008 Zürich
globegarden Fluntern, 11-15 Uhr, Vorderberg 11, 8044 Zürich
globegarden Muehlackerstrasse, 9–12 Uhr, Mühlackerstrasse 67, 8046 Zürich
globegarden Schulgasse, 11-15 Uhr, Schulgasse 4, 8305 Dietlikon
globegarden Wengistrasse, 10–13 Uhr, Wengistrasse 2a, 8004 Zürich

globegarden Zugerstrasse, 10–13 Uhr, Zugerstrasse 4, 6330 Cham

March 18

globegarden Parkterrasse, 10–14 Uhr, Parkterrasse 14, 3012 Bern

globegarden Schützenstrasse, 10–13 Uhr, Schützenstrasse 8, 6003 Luzern

globegarden Industriestrasse, 10–13 Uhr, Industriestrasse 6, 6300 Zug
globegarden Metalli, 10–13 Uhr, Industriestrasse 13a, 6300 Zug
globegarden Uptown, 10–13 Uhr, General-Guisan Strasse 6/8, 6300 Zug

globegarden Carmenstrasse, 10–13 Uhr, Carmenstrasse 6, 8032 Zürich
globegarden Elias-Canetti, 13–16 Uhr, Elias-Canetti-Strasse 2, 8050 Zürich
globegarden Farbstrasse, 11–15 Uhr, Farbstrasse 31, 8800 Thalwil
globegarden Giacometti, 10–14 Uhr, Alfred-Ulrich Strasse 9, 8702 Zollikon
globegarden Glattpark, 9–12 Uhr, Thurgauerstrasse 105, 8152 Glattpark-Opfikon
globegarden Talacker, 12–16 Uhr, Talacker 23, 8001 Zürich
globegarden Thurgauerstrasse, 11-15 Uhr, Thurgauerstrasse 54, 8050 Zürich

St. Gallen
globegarden Bernhardswies, 10–13 Uhr, Hecktackerstrasse 12c, 9014 St. Gallen

March 25

globegarden Alfred-Escher, 13–16 Uhr, Alfred-Escher-Strasse 34, 8002 Zürich
globegarden Kilchbergsteig, 10–14 Uhr, Kilchbergsteig 13, 8038 Zürich
globegarden Hardturmstrasse, 9–12 Uhr, Hardturmstrasse 120, 8005 Zürich
globegarden Hofackerstrasse, 10–14 Uhr, Hofackerstrasse 44, 8032 Zürich
globegarden Münchhalden, 10–13 Uhr, Münchhaldenstrasse 15, 8008 Zürich
globegarden Stadelhofen, 10–13 Uhr, Mühlebachstrasse 27, 8008 Zürich
globegarden Stettbachstrasse, 11–15 Uhr, Stettbachstrasse 33, 8051 Zürich
globegarden Wädenswil, 10–13 Uhr, Büelenweg 4, 8820 Wädenswil 

globegarden Erlenmattstrasse, 10–13 Uhr, Erlenmattstrasse 79, 4058 Basel
globegarden Hammerstrasse, 10–13 Uhr, Hammerstrasse 10, 4058 Basel
globegarden Röschenzerstrasse, 10–13 Uhr, Röschenzerstrasse 5, 4053 Basel
globegarden Neubadrain, 10–13 Uhr, Neubadrain 6, 4102 Binningen

globegarden Huebergass, 10–14 Uhr, Huberstrasse 7, 3008 Bern

April 1

globegarden Circle, 10–14 Uhr, The Circle 67, Haus 14, 8058 Zürich-Flughafen
globegarden Glasi,​​​​​​​ 9–12 Uhr, Sodagasse 3, 8180 Bülach​​​​​​​
globegarden Konradstrasse, 10–14 Uhr, Konradstrasse 3, 8304 Wallisellen
globegarden Leutschenbachstrasse, 11-15 Uhr, Leutschenbachstrasse 95, 8050 Zürich
globegarden Lilienthal, 10–13 Uhr, Boulevard Lilienthal 1, 8152 Opfikon
globegarden Limmattalstrasse, 9–12 Uhr, Limmattalstrasse 223, 8049 Zürich
globegarden Nägelistrasse, 10–13 Uhr, Nägelistrasse 16, 8044 Zürich
globegarden Neugasse, 10–14 Uhr, Neugasse 138, 8005 Zürich
globegarden Schiffbauplatz, 11-15 Uhr, Schiffbaustrasse 2a, 8005 Zürich

globegarden Kirchplatz, 10–13 Uhr, Kirchplatz 5, 4125 Riehen
globegarden Malzgasse, 14–17 Uhr, Malzgasse 18d, 4052 Basel
globegarden Paulusgasse, 9–12 Uhr, Paulusgasse 16, 4051 Basel

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