globegarden Industriestrasse

A children’s paradise in the middle of town. Move-
ment matters: Forest day, dance class and gym day. Next to the main railway station opposite of the Metalli.


Forest day | Gym day | Indoor gym | Art studio

Balanced Nutrition

On-site Kitchen and chef

Well Aware@Childcare

- Quality-Nutrition certificate: Fourchette Verte - Ama terra
- Movement Matter quality certification: Somersault

Studies, projects & awards

- Childcare quality label based on ISO 9001
CLASS (Teachstone) study: 2015, 2016

Annual Program

- One big excursion a month, e.g. to the zoo, airport, farm, food or flower markets or to a museum
- Project weeks as for example: Week of Switzerland in August
- Parties, as for example Halloween, Carnival, National day, Light Festival or local holidays
- Traditions and customs (e.g. Zug Carnival)
- Project work along the annual program of the center

Center size

450 m2

Parks and playgrounds nearby

- Guthirt Playground
- Playground Rigiplatz
- Playground Schnäggeloch
- Playground Guggiwald

Opening hours

7.00am - 7.00pm; Emergency care until 9.00pm

Half-day bookings




State-subsidized places



(Swiss)German & English


Industriestrasse 6, 6300 Zug
Phone Family Services: 044 536 55 32 | Center: 041 710 92 00

How to get there

Next to the Main Railway Station in Zug (3 minutes by foot), on-site parking-lots



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