globegarden Giacometti

A childcare center in an architectural landmark of the world known Swiss architect Bruno Giaco-
metti. This center focuses on forest and nature pedagogy and is proximity to the charitable foundation of epilepsy. An enchanted garden with the biggest sandbox of Zurich - 4x8 meter in size – is part of this unique daycare. Horses, sheeps and ducks are our neighbours as they have their home on the areal of the epilepsy clinic.


Forest day | Gym class in the gym | On-site children’s art center Animal farm as neighbours | Dance class with dance teacher | Music class | Recorder lessons for after school care

Balanced Nutrition

On-site Kitchen and chef

Well Aware@Childcare

The childcare center follows the criteria and guidelines for healthy nutrition and exercise according to "Prävention und Gesundheitsförderung Kanton Zürich"

Studies, projects & awards

Childcare quality label based on ISO 9001

Annual Program

- One big excursion a month, e.g. to the zoo, airport, farm, food or flower markets or to a museum
- Project weeks as for example: Week of Switzerland in August
- Parties, as for example Halloween, Carnival, National day, Light Festival or local holidays
- Traditions and customs (e.g. local fairs)
- Project work along the annual program of the center

Center size

350 m2

On-site garden or playground


Parks and playgrounds nearby

Area of the Epilepsy clinic with playgrounds and animal farm

Opening hours

6.45am - 6.45pm; Emergency care until 8.45pm

Half-day bookings



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State-subsidized places



(Swiss)German & English


The house was designed by the world-know Swiss architect Bruno Giacometti, brother of the world-known painter Albert Giacometti. He himself and his wife lived in this home until the age of 104 and 107 years. After their passing away the charitable foundation of epilepsy decided that a globegarden childcare center serving the public would be a suitable fit for this historic location.


Alfred-Ulrich-Srasse 9, 8702 Zollikon
Phone Family Services: 044 536 55 32 | Center: 043 499 75 05

How to get there

Bus 912, 916 Station: Bahnhof Tiefenbrunnen, Bus 77 Station: EPI On-site parking lots








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