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globegarden nurseries offer exciting activities as well as long opening hours and emergency care.

In most globegarden centers (PDF of all Zurich locations), opening hours are from 7.00h-19.00h and emergency care until 21.00h. Usually globegarden childcare centers are open all year long except for public holidays, between Christmas and New Year's as well as one team training day.

Overview locations

There are globegarden nurseries in several cities:


All-day nursery

While children need fixed times and structure in the nursery, parents long for flexibility, because combining work and family never runs according to schedule. Therefore, in our long nursery model drop-off times are between 7.00h-9.00h and pick-up times between 17.00h-19.00h. In our short nursery model drop-off times are between 8.00h-9.00h and pick-up times between 16.00-17.00h.

Back-up care at the nursery

Back-up care and emergency care at our nurseries is a solution for different matters that can cause stress. Illness of a family member, vacation plans of the nanny, or changes in a parents job situation, can lead to a break-down of a family‚Äôs childcare situation. Registered parents whose kids are going to a globegarden nursery can take advantage of the emergency care until 21.00h or book extra days at their nursery. Please ask the pedagogic head of your globegarden nursery about details regarding this service.

Early learning at the nursery

Every globegarden nursery follows the globegarden curriculum "Discover the World Step by Step". This early learning program helps creating an active learning environment for children of all age classes at the nursery.


globegarden is a great place to grow. We are committed to providing quality childcare, early education and work / life solutions. Our mission in our nurseries is to provide innovative programs, that help children, families and employers to work and grow together to be their very best.