Globegarden has business processes examined by an independent body

Renowned law firm checks compliance with regulations and aspects of the quality of work and support.

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Zurich. The management of Globegarden has commissioned Niederer Kraft Frey, which specializes in audits of processes and institutions, to carry out an independent review of the care and working conditions in the Globegarden daycare centers criticized in the online magazine “Republik”. The results should be informed as soon as they are available in a few weeks.

It is true that the institutions throughout Switzerland are already regularly checked by the authorities without any serious complaints. In addition, Globegarden is voluntarily certified by TÜV Süd, which awards the “International Education Excellence” label. But we want to dispel any doubts, so the childcare operator.

“The well-being of the children entrusted to us is our most important concern, as is the trust of parents in the work of our employees and in relation to Globegarden. Accordingly, we take every criticism very seriously, regardless of its origin and thrust », Christina Mair, one of the three managing directors, explains the step.

"We are not aware of any systematic misconduct and cannot understand the allegations made in the media," says Caroline Staehelin. Therefore, it was decided to mandate a law firm that specializes in issues of labor law.

«We have complete confidence in our 750 employees, who work with great commitment in our 54 quality-certified childcare centers. Wherever people work, mistakes can occur in individual cases, as in every childcare center. We inform the parents immediately and transparently ”, emphasizes Kristina Rebsamen.

The regularly extremely high level of satisfaction among parents, at over 90 percent, and the similarly high levels of satisfaction with the working conditions among employees, confirm leadership and management that they are on the right track with the company they have built up over the past ten years. «We want to offer the best quality for children, parents and employees. We focus on the children entrusted to us, without neglecting the parents' needs for early childhood support, flexibility in terms of time and attractive locations at reasonable prices. "
Medienstelle Globegarden c/o KMES Partner
Markus Spillmann


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