Age-specific Program

At globegarden we understand that your child’s education and care is a priority and that choosing the right program is a big decision.

Our early education program and centers include an age-specific curriculum and knowledgeable child development professionals that meet the needs of children at every age and stage.

We also understand the many needs of working parents. Our back-up care, before- and after-school programs, and evening clubs enable parents to go to work knowing their children are happy, safe, and well cared for.

If you have decided for a globegarden center of your choice, please ask the Center Director about the age structure of the groups, enrichment programs like forest day, music lessons, dance class, gym day or library day. Our centers are diverse and different in their offering.

Infant & Baby Care

Discover the benefits of infant & baby care.

Our Discovering the World step by step program provides a warm, welcoming environment where your baby can grow from a bundle of joy to a bundle of curiosity. Your baby's caregivers are nurturing child development professionals who are focused on creating experiences and opportunities that invite exploration and support the rapid and important development that is occurring in a child's first year.

More than just daycare, at globegarden we are focused on keeping your baby happy, engaged, and secure. We personalize care for each infant based on his or her unique schedule, nutritional guidelines, and any other special attention he/she requires.

Warm and nurturing interactions with caregivers, days spent in a home-like environment for learning, individualized attention and experiences, and meaningful partnerships with parents are the cornerstones of our curriculum for infants.

Toddler Care

Learn how toddler care can help early childhood development.

Our Discovering the world step by step program uses hands-on exploration and social interaction in safe, engaging surroundings to help your two to three year old learn about his or her expanding world. Through the guidance of our early childhood development professionals, toddlers enjoy learning experiences that promote their blossoming independence and social skills, and foster self-confidence.

Beyond day care, our curriculum for toddlers is designed to adapt to each individual child’s age and stage. Experienced teachers promote emotional, physical, social, and intellectual development in a fun, engaging environment.

Preschool Program

globegarden preschool curriculum helps children achieve school readiness in all areas of academic and social learning.

Are you ready for school? Our preschool program is filled with investigation, exploration, and discovery, where active and enthusiastic children can refine and expand their skills and knowledge. Through intentional teaching practices, purposefully-designed learning environments, and enriched activities, teachers ensure preschoolers have joyful, appropriate, and meaningful learning experiences that lead to success in school and in life.

Our curriculum aligns preschool program goals and practices with families' expectations of educational excellence, helping young learners grow into confident students as well as Swiss public school curriculum expectations of soon to be kindergarteners.

Kindergarten Program

globegarden's K1 and K2 program advances children's skills in core academic areas to ensure school readiness.

Our kindergarten K1 and K2 program helps children advance skills in core pre-academic areas such as literacy, math, and science, as well as in other essential areas such as art, social and emotional well-being, and health and wellness. Our child-centered approach ensures that children are exposed to a diverse array of learning activities and that they thrive in all areas of child development, creative thinking, complex problem solving, empathetic collaboration, curious investigation, and astute decision making.

Our kindergarten curriculum is accredited by Swiss Educational Authorities and goes above and beyond Swiss public school expectations for kindergarteners. It prepares children for entering school at first grade – public school as well as international school - and beyond, with the skills and confidence needed for a lifetime of academic success.

Visit us today

Visit our childcare centers and ask about the educational program of the specific center. Every family and every child is different. A guided tour and personal contact with the center director helps you understand best, if this center is the right choice for your child and family.