Learning Areas

At globegarden a world of learning and discovering is created with our curriculum and our six learning areas: Language Speaks, Math Rocks, Science Discovers, Our World, Art Around and Well Aware. Our teachers are experts in making these learning areas enjobale teaching experiences for infants, toddlers and twos as well as pre-kindergarteners and kindergarteners.

Our globegarden own program Discovering the world step by stepĀ© playfully nourishes children and supports them while growing up.

Every childcare center is different and therefore the pedagogic program of the globegarden framework differs and is each time unique and individual. The program can be enriched individually by influences of for example Emmi Pikler, Maria Montessori or Reggio. Furthermore some daycare centers are bilingual while others are in (Swiss) German only. Please contact the pedagogic head of the daycare center of your choice for more information about the pedagogic program. Our family service department provides general information about prices, group structures, language, opening hours or the location itself and can help you to arrange a visit to different centers.

Language Speaks

Language Speaks creates a literacy-rich environment in which love of language, books, and reading is cultivated through listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Math Rocks

Math Rocks gives children mathematical experiences with one-on-one correspondence, counting, sorting, patterning, and problem solving.

Science Discovers

Science Discovers stimulates a child's sense of wonder by encouraging children to question, experiment, observe, record, describe, and form conclusions.

Our World

Our World acknowledges and values the rich cultural heritage of families and provides a wide range of experiences for children to learn respect for our world, its diverse people, and the environment.

Art Around

Art Around helps children develop an interest and appreciation of art, music, theater, and dance, encouraging them to uncover their talents and express themselves artistically.

Well Aware

Well Aware fosters positive attitudes toward healthy living, physical activity, and nutrition through appropriate experiences that incorporate healthful habits into daily routines.

Learning areas


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Visit our childcare centers and ask about the educational program of the specific center. Every family and every child is different. A guided tour and personal contact with the center director helps you understand best, if this center is the right choice for your child and family.