globegarden Malzgasse

A childcare center in an old school house of a historic heritage building. Cozy, home-like and magical. In this former Harry Potter-like school, children's laughter and joy passes through all the rooms. Directly at Aeschenplatz.


Forest day | Library day | Gym class at the gym | Museum day
Indoor Playground | Dance Class in English

Balanced Nutrition

- On-site Kitchen and chef
- Publication of a childcare-own cookbook (order here)

Well Aware@Childcare

Quality-Nutrition certification: Fourchette verte - Ama terra

Studies, projects & awards

Childcare quality label based on ISO 9001

Annual Program

- One big excursion a month, e.g. to the zoo, airport, farm, food or flower markets or to a museum
- Project weeks as for example: Week of Switzerland in August
- Parties, as for example Halloween, Carnival, National day, Light Festival or local holidays
- Traditions and customs (e.g. Basler Carnival, Basler Christmas market)
- Project work along the annual program of the center

Center size

550 m2

Parks and playgrounds nearby

- Playground St. Alban
- Playground Breitematte
- Rosenfeld park
- Playground Theodorsgrabenanlage
Margarethen park
Schützenmatt park
Solitude park
Playground Christoph Merian park
Schwarz park
Nature park

Opening hours

7.00am - 7.00pm; Emergency care until 9.00pm

Half-day bookings



Next globegarden kindergarten: Markthalle

State-subsidized places

Yes, partly subsidized by local communities and canton
Yes, subsidized childcare fees for Roche employees exclusively


(Swiss)German & English


Malzgasse 18D, 4052 Basel
Phone family services: 044 536 55 32 | Center: 061 271 12 80

How to get there

Tram 3, 6, 8, 10, 11, 14, 15 & 16, Bus 37, 80 & 81 Station: Aeschenplatz




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