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Championing career and family

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In a world defined by diversity and opportunities, we proudly celebrate 15 years of globegarden. This anniversary edition is an invitation to women, men, young families, and all those who dare to realize their dreams of family, career, and personal growth – not with fear of challenges, but with unwavering determination to pursue their own path.

Brave, not perfect

Chronicles of courage
Women in Switzerland – between work and family life.


Children are simply not a private matter.

Kathrin Bertschy
National Councillor, Co-President of Alliance F

There are no superwomen and supermen.

Tanja Vainio
Country President Switzerland at Schneider Electric and Member of the Board of Directors Franke Group

I can hear very softly the mini-devil’s voice that makes me feel guilty.

Giulia Tonelli
Principal Ballerina at Zurich Opera House

Mothers have to fight against various stop signs.

Carolina Müller-Möhl
Founder and President of the Müller-Möhl Group and Foundation

Mom should bake the brownies.

Gina Domanig
CEO Emerald

My family knows how important they are to me – even when I am professionally challenged.

Prof. Nicole Ochsenbein-Kölble
Director of the Clinic for Obstetrics at the University Hospital Zurich, Lecturer UZH

You can also be a professor with children.

Prof. Dr. Sonja Perren
Professor at the University of Konstanz and University of Education Thurgau

You don’t have to be a perfectionist.

Sandra Völler
CEO and Founder of Agilita AG

Mothers are allowed to take breaks.

Anna-Sabina Zürrer

Dare to accept help and to not be perfect!

Anna Mattsson
Partner at McKinsey & Company

Thanks to good childcare, I was able to do what I love.

Mara Harvey
CEO VP Bank (Schweiz) AG

Have the courage to not always be perfect.

Sara Hürlimann
Dr. med. dent., founder and entrepreneur

Make no compromises!

Monika Bütler
Independent economist, former professor at the University of St. Gallen

My husband deserves a medal.

Katja Berlinger
Owner and CEO of Swiss Medi Kids AG

You have to fight against existing role models.

Jaël Malli
Musician and Singer

My new perfect is my imperfect!

Dr. Annabella Bassler
CFO of Ringier AG, Initiator of EqualVoice

Being a working mum is an important sign for my daughter.

Claudia Lässer
CPO of blue Sport & blue News

Care work at home must be distributed more fairly between women and men.

Nicole Burth
CEO Communication Services and Member of the Swiss Post Executive Board

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Empowering Families

Chronicles of courage
From the perspective of women who shape the world of childcare.


All stories

Outgrowing the nursery. A brief look at the history of Swiss childcare centers.

“Working doesn’t pay off, a second child even less”, or how a scientific study contributed to the founding of globegarden 

The globegarden

The globegarden

It takes a village to 
raise a child

It takes a village to
raise a child

Future shapers

Children are the future. Values that are imparted to them at a young age can have a significant impact on their later development. How do young children envision their future today? One thing is clear: they have bold goals and many dreams, they desire a large family and they already know exactly who will do the cleaning at home.

The favorite jobs of the globegarden kids:

Doctor Working with Animals Chef The same profession as mom or dad Soccer player Police Officer Becoming the favorite Animal Princess Dancer Teacher Doctor Working with Animals Chef The same profession as mom or dad Soccer player Police Officer Becoming the favorite Animal Princess Dancer Teacher
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