Own the Place

Instead of investing in the complete set-up of employer-sponsored childcare centers, employers can also purchase places at our childcare centers. Profit from a network of diverse childcare options in different locations, serving families with individual needs as a flexible childcare partner.

Exclusive for Your Employees

Take a first step towards employer-sponsored childcare by reserving places in one of our childcare centers. You profit from small investments, fast implementation and a win-win for your employees and for you. Whatever your employees are looking for – places for preschool children, preschool children, infants or toddlers – we take care of it!

A Childcare Network

We have a big network of childcare centers and thousands of childcare places. Every employee has different needs. They live in different places, some want their children to grow up bilingually, some don’t. Some want forest programs, some don’t. We have individual centers and can cover all of the employee’s needs.

Solutions for Modern Employers

On-Site Childcare

On-site childcare centers set a clear standard for a company’s commitment to family solutions. This transforms employers to top employers and makes communities attractive locations for business. Providing work-life solutions is your investment in the future.

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Back-up Care

Back-up care and emergency care at our centers offer a solution for stressful situations, such as the illness of a family member, vacation plans of the nanny, or changes in a parent’s job situation. Profit from back-up care as it ensures that disruptions on the home front don’t lead to disruptions in the workplace.

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