What Is Back-up Care

We provide a safe and reassuring back-up care plan for those unexpected situations that can disrupt your professional and family life, from the sudden illness of a family member, to vacation plans of the nanny or changes in a parent’s job situation.

Our Expertise

Back-Up care centers transform employers to top employers and make communities attractive locations for business. Providing work-life solutions is your investment in the future.

Working for Peace of Mind

Emergency Situations

Reduce absenteeism and the number of staff on sick leave.

Parents of School-Age Children

Make sure your employees focus on work-related tasks and relieve them from the stress of planning care during school holidays.

Project-based Employees or Expats

Support your international employees who need childcare for short periods, from a couple of weeks to several months, with flexible care solutions.

Care in Our Centers

Care in Our Centers

Our family consultants are specialized to find the right solution for your immediate childcare needs, whether it is short term, unexpected or needs a high degree of flexibility. Worry no more: our back-up care program has you covered from 7am until 9pm.

Family Consulting

Family Consulting

Finding childcare is overwhelming and confusing in an industry with high price tags and given the emotional pressure of finding a safe and loving caregiver for your child. Our childcare consultants guide expectant and new parents through the childcare search, also consulting on nanny services and the hiring process to find a quality solution that matches family needs.

Reimbursement Policy

Reimbursement Policy

In addition to our membership, you can decide how to reimburse your employees for their back-up care needs. We are specialized in flexible and individual solutions for every company.

  • Sharing industry standards
  • Easy reimbursement policy
  • Flexible solutions for all involved parties

How Businesses Benefit from Our Back-up Care

Globegarden puts one of the largest networks of childcare centers at your organization's disposal, allowing you to prove your commitment to working families and get engagement and loyalty in return.

  • Increase the commitment of your employees
  • Ensure business continuity during unpredictable events
  • Show your female workforce you understand
  • Transform employers to top employers

How Employees Benefit from Our Back-up Care

The majority of young families in Switzerland aim for a good work-life balance. The vision of our organization is to provide innovative work-life solutions to support the whole family.

  • Supports families when they need it most – in emergency family situations
  • Eases the financial burden of the high hourly cost of babysitting
  • Provides young families with the peace of mind they need to be productive at work

Solutions for Modern Employers

On-Site Childcare

On-site childcare centers set a clear standard for a company’s commitment to family solutions. This transforms employers to top employers and makes communities attractive locations for business. Providing work-life solutions is your investment in the future.

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Place Purchase

Step forward and buy exclusive childcare places for your employees to ensure that affordable, high-quality childcare is available for them. You profit from small investments, fast implementation and an increasing return quota after pregnancy.

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