Our Early Years Curriculum

At globegarden we understand how important the early years are to both you and your child. We provide an innovative curriculum that’s designed to inspire children at every age and stage. Childhood is a time of remarkable growth, when children are quickly developing, learning new skills and progressing steadily towards new milestones.

With that in mind, our early education program is filled with rich experiences that build upon individual strengths and talents.

Teachers provide multiple and diverse learning activities to ensure children thrive in all areas of development. Foundational skills that will be crucial for success in school and in life – such as building friendships and having a positive self-image – are central to children’s daily learning.

Parents go to work knowing their children are happy, safe and well cared for. Children move to the elementary years socially prepared, excited to learn and ready for whatever the future holds.

Learning Areas

Discover Our Learning Areas

globegarden's program, "Discover the World©", playfully nourishes children and supports them while growing up. We carefully enrich it with influences from the greatest pedagogical experts, including Emmi Pikler, Maria Montessori, Waldorf and Reggio-Pedagogic.

Art Around

Art Around

As children grow, their ability to engage in complex projects increases, paving the way for vibrant, creative and expressive artistic endeavors. Our teachers engage children in the following authentic art activities that not only develop an appreciation for the arts, but also enhance development in academic areas: 

  • Coloring, pen-gripping, arts and crafts projects
  • Participating in sequenced movement activities, such as yoga and square or ballet dancing
  • Exploring the work of famous artists and experimenting with different styles
  • Assigning roles, using costumes and setting the stage for plays
  • Hearing and replicating complex musical beats and rhythms
  • Excursions to music stores, getting to know and try out instruments
Language Speaks

Language Speaks

As children grow, their capacity to communicate becomes paramount to their interactions. Our teachers lead classroom projects that ensure children aren‘t merely memorizing letters and imitating sounds, but building vocabulary, phonemic awareness, writing skills and reading readiness based on their age and interests, by:

  • Enjoying picture books
  • Listening to teacher storytelling and reading
  • Discovering shapes of letters, learning the ABCs, and identifying sight words and using them in meaningful ways
  • Writing their name and simple letters to friends and family
  • Retelling stories and hypothesizing outcomes
Maths Rocks

Maths Rocks

Children are fascinated by numerical concepts and mathematical thinking. In our classrooms, teachers create experiences for children to explore the fundamental concepts of geometry, algebra and statistics, including:

  • Constructing block structures that include size comparisons and balancing (dependent on age)
  • Measuring and charting each other’s height, jumping distance, etc.
  • Solving first number problems
  • Counting and adding on an abacus
Our World

Our World

Children start to become aware of the world and their ability to make an impact in it. Our programs offer children opportunities to learn about social studies, geography and civics while fostering the development of their emotional intelligence, citizenship and social skills, such as: 

  • Making items to donate to charities or participating in community service projects
  • Using negotiation and conflict-resolution skills when interacting with peers
  • Interacting with classroom visitors
  • Exploring world cultures in non-fiction books
  • Setting up a classroom recycling and water station
  • Learning about cultural differences, backgrounds and religions
  • Enjoying public holidays or rituals from all over the world
Science Discovers

Science Discovers

Enthusiastic, engaged and curious kids are poised for scientific discovery. With the help of our curriculum, globegarden teachers develop science and technology learning opportunities for children to make queries, test hypotheses, investigate properties, explore scientific phenomenon and make profound discoveries, for example by:

  • Exploring animals live or online, observing them in their environments and recording observations
  • Learning about nature and animals ‘live’ on forest days
  • Interacting with various types of technology including microscopes, cameras, (partly) computers and audio recorders
  • Classifying and charting scientific properties of items
  • Using tools to explore concepts of magnetic force
  • Participating in scientific experiments
Well Aware

Well Aware

Physical health and development are as critical to a child’s learning ability as any other area of development. Child nutrition, fitness and health are emphasized in globegarden classrooms. Our teachers ensure children are engaging in daily activities that advance their understanding of wellness, nutrition and safety, such as:

  • Using balls, scooters, jump ropes and hula hoops to build coordination
  • Spending time in our centers’ movement areas, where babies crawl roll and are encouraged to walk and older children play on hopscotch carpets
  • Establishing safety rules while playing on the playground and in other common areas
  • Taking a person’s pulse and learning how physical activity helps the heart and muscles
  • Exploring, discussing and charting foods and food groups
  • Helping prepare meals and learning about food and nutrition
  • Enrichment programs, such as sports activities, gym class (dependent on age), self-dependence and potty-training

What Sets Our Curriculum Apart

We've created a complete learning and discovering universe through a curriculum consisting of six areas: Language Speaks, Math Rocks, Science Discovers, Our World, Art Around and Well Aware.

Play and Learn Curriculum

With our structured early learning approach and our teachers’ attentive preparation, we enable children and the whole class to transform their own interests into a learning adventure.

Yearly Calendar

Our yearly calendar is filled with monthly themes, excursions and enrichment activities. Our teachers create project-based learning opportunities for children and base their classroom concepts on modern studies and childcare know-how.

Social Skills and Friendships

Friendships during early childhood are a vital part of a child’s emotional growth and promote good mental health. Through friendship and play, toddlers and young children learn to interpret social cues and interact with others.

Share Every Moment

Experience and share the joys of learning. In these Inside globegarden videos, our children enjoy one of the many activities organized by our inspired teachers at globegarden.

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