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When you become a member in our corporate program, your employees will profit from our childcare services. Part of our program includes emergency care for your employees, our babysitter- and nanny services, and priority places for your employees in our nursery, kindergarten or preschool.

Become a Top Employer

Win-win for all: apart from your company, children, employees and local communities profit from your investment.

  • Faster return of employees after maternity leave and higher productivity
  • Childcare centers close to employers and reduced childcare fees
  • Higher tax volume for communities, which become more attractive locations
  • More investment in quality care and staff

Your Benefits

The demand for above-average motivation, productivity and international mobility precedes the search for highly qualified staff members. To be able to have staff commit for the long term, a company needs to create an appropriate working environment which makes an acceptable work-life-balance possible.

Top Employers

Get ahead of your competitors in finding and retaining the best talent in your market.

Low Employee Turnover

Understand the reasons why your best employees are leaving and learn the most effective ways to keep them.

Reduction of Absenteeism

Find out what's impacting your people, measure their well-being and learn to deploy strategic responses that get results.

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Our expert consultants will help you evaluate your workplace environment and the childcare needs of your employees.

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