Teacher Appreciation and Childcare Careers

Our team of education professionals is literally the heart of globegarden. Just like in a living organism, every member plays a critical role. Their energy, motivation, commitment and loyalty not only contribute to the success of the company, but also make it sustainable and give it a higher meaning. Building careers for our people and creating learning opportunities – to further advance their knowledge and skills through training, certificates and degrees – is what an appreciation for teaching is really about.

Investing in Training and Development

Parents trust globegarden professionals, who know their children well, cuddle and care for them, teach them and help them grow. They also support and consult with parents about the transition from breastfeeding to spoon-feeding or provide guidance through the "terrible twos." We want our teachers to be best-in-class. As a result, we love to invest in teacher training and development, as well as provide individual feedback, supervision, coaching and growth opportunities, to help every teacher thrive in the workplace.

Educating Young Talent

As a pioneer in early education, we believe it is our responsibility to educate our young talent – interns and apprentices – to become future leaders as FABEs (Fachfrau/-mann Betreuung) in the field of childcare. Our tailored NVQ (National Vocational Qualifications) program for English teachers helps young and more experienced talent grow with international learning opportunities.

Our Team in Early Education

A Great Place to Be a Teacher

Globegarden is a family of talented individuals who bring their creativity, skills and passion to work each day. Deeply embedded in our culture are the following values: Share, Teach, Act and Respect. These STAR values act as the foundation of our teachers’ work to make a difference every day in a child's life and helping to build the future of our youngest generation. Take a look at the real stars of our organization.

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