Quality Starts with Us

We are globegarden and quality starts here, with each and every one of us. We believe quality childcare means putting the needs of children and families first. Discover what inspired teachers have to say about quality.

More insights from our German teachers

Patricia Paredes, Apprentice

"For me quality is all about the details. I have changed about a zillion nappies in my job so far and it is a routine procedure for me. However, I make sure that I keep one hand on the baby at all times and I always enjoy a special one-to-one moment with the child."

Karmelh Brodacs, Pre-/ Kindergarten Teacher

"A motto we all share in my team is: See something, say something. We have a transparent culture and the safety, protection and well-being of children is at the heart of what we do here. Quality and safety really start with me - and what I do for the children."

Brian Harrison, Twos Teacher

"I like that we make learning visible – with photos on the walls, our activity stations or through our development portfolios. Sharing this with the parents makes us grow strong parent partnerships with them. For me this is what quality in teaching is about."

Reena Negi, Pre-/ Kindergarten Teacher

"Quality also means openly talking about risks in child- care. Sudden Infant Death for example. I knew it was a risk for babies all along. But getting a training on what I could do to help prevent it made me feel so much better. It makes me proud to say: I am globegarden and quality starts with me."

Discover what is behind quality childcare at globegarden

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