At globegarden

Hello! My name is Marco Spitz and I am proud to be the operations director at globegarden.

If you want to sell your program and childcare center, we would love to get to know you and discuss the possibility of joining our globegarden family.

Globegarden first started out in 2009 with the vision of innovative, quality childcare and work-life solutions for the whole family. Ever since, it has been growing steadily and many quality childcare centers have joined the group along the way and are part of what globegarden is today. I have managed numerous projects and will make sure that your program and childcare center profits from the full range of the globegarden network. Together with the members of our team, we have hundreds of years of experience in early care and education.

We understand how personal childcare is and evaluate the potential for your program to join our group. We know how big a decision it is to hand your program over to the right hands. We therefore find the right time and process together with you and make sure everything runs smoothly. You can be sure that your team, parents and children are well taken care of. The uniqueness of your offering will be boosted by our administrative support and quality management. Your employees will profit from our employer benefits, private insurance, training and development programs as well as appreciation and recognition programs. Being part of the larger network of globegarden with a familiar community will make sure that your program is safe and keeps impacting a child’s life every day. 

Globegarden is a network of childcare centers (not a chain) and we are proud that each individual center in our globegarden family has its own identity and talents, bound by shared quality management.

The group has grown ever since into a vibrant tapestry made of children, families and employees who represent many different cultures, backgrounds and experiences. As many centers joined our group on our growth path, we have a diverse offering ranging from traditional community centers, and nature and forest childcare centers, to modern, innovative city childcare centers and employer-sponsored or on-site centers. Some of our centers are bilingual, others are monolingual – and whatever the individual program, we are all bound by a strong commitment to excellence.

We are experienced and will take you through the whole process: from the first steps of a nondisclosure agreement and checking if there is a fit between our programs to determining the conditions of the agreement and performing the due diligence. We will then work out a communication plan for your team, families and authorities, and last but not least a proper goodbye celebration for you.


Marco Spitz
Operative Director
Business Development

044 536 55 32


What globegarden offers
With globegarden, you and your children, families, and teachers will benefit from:

  • 10+ years of certified quality management: International Education Excellence
  • Strong administrative support for your center
  • A commitment to training and development for your team
  • Professional Human Resources services and recruiting
  • Family Services Department for your customers
  • High-quality learning program, material and state-of-the art centers
  • Professionally designed playgrounds and gardens
  • A smooth transition regarding operations
  • A proven acquisition process and more than 10 years’ experience
  • A succession plan that offers flexibility for you and protects your interests as the seller

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