Show Family Matters

The cost of childcare forces many of your employees to make a tough choice: childcare or career. What if you could make their decisions easier by bringing childcare to them?

Companies work hard to create a workplace where employees enjoy coming to work. But research shows they’re looking for something more. Set a visible standard for your workforce and show that you commit to work-life solutions and support working families with custom on-site childcare.

Our Expertise

Profit from our expertise as leaders in early education in Switzerland. Our know-how comes from a 95%+ female workforce, many of whom are working mothers and know firsthand about the struggles of balancing work and family life. 

Childcare Center Development

Childcare services are our core competency. Our services enable you to completely outsource this area. We take over the project management, from the initial gathering of a needs assessment to the implementation and administration of the organization, up to monitoring the project results. You can profit from our expertise. The following outlines the blueprint of our process:

  • Opening discussion
  • Studies including requirements & benchmarking
  • Outline of individual childcare solutions
  • Decision and implementation
  • Set-up and childcare operations
  • Quality control


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Childcare Center Management

Early Education is not only what we do, it’s who we are. With more than 10 years of experience, we customize and develop an educational program with you that fits your company’s needs and reflects your values.

  • Customized early education program
  • Opening hours dependent on your needs
  • Licensing of the center
  • Childcare quality management and certification
  • Human Resources administration
  • Teacher talent development, coaching, supervision
  • Safety and health standards

Empower Your Workforce

Back to Work

Support your female workforce after maternity leave so they return to a workplace that makes work-life solutions a reality.

Employer of Choice

Recruit top talent, experience less employee turnover, increase the productivity of your workforce and get ready to be the employer of choice for the millennial workforce.

Close the Gender Gap

Let your female workforce know and feel that they can build their careers at your company. Achieve a high level of loyalty and identification with the company.

Solutions for Modern Employers

Back-up Care

Back-up care and emergency care at our centers offer a solution for stressful situations, such as the illness of a family member, vacation plans of the nanny, or changes in a parent’s job situation. Profit from back-up care as it ensures that disruptions on the home front don’t lead to disruptions in the workplace.

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Place Purchase

Step forward and buy exclusive childcare places for your employees to ensure that affordable, high-quality childcare is available for them. You profit from small investments, fast implementation and an increasing return quota after pregnancy.

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