Workforce Equality: Closing the Gender Gap

Women are professionally active in a historic way and making their voices heard across all industries, at home and in the office. And yet, according to the World Economic Forum, it will take another 217 years to reach workplace equality. The transition from female employee to mother and then to working mother is a significant shift in a women’s life. Enable your high-performance female workforce and their families by investing to help where they need it most: finding affordable, high-quality childcare.

Solutions for Modern Employers

Millennials are clear about what they value: 83% will leave one job for another with stronger family policies and better family support. It is time to invest! globegarden provides modern and individual employer-sponsored childcare, back-up care, education and work-life solutions to help parents balance work and family.

On-Site Childcare

On-site childcare centers set a clear standard for a company’s commitment to family solutions. This transforms employers to top employers and makes communities attractive locations for business. Providing work-life solutions is your investment in the future.

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Back-up Care

Back-up care and emergency care at our centers offer a solution for stressful situations, such as the illness of a family member, vacation plans of the nanny, or changes in a parent’s job situation. Profit from back-up care as it ensures that disruptions on the home front don’t lead to disruptions in the workplace.

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Place Purchase

Step forward and buy exclusive childcare places for your employees to ensure that affordable, high-quality childcare is available for them. You profit from small investments, fast implementation and an increasing return quota after pregnancy.

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Your Knowledgeable Partner in Childcare

We are a provider of community or employer-sponsored childcare. Our services range from family and corporate consulting to back-up care, exclusive childcare places for your workforce or the set-up of on-site childcare centers – always tailored to your individual needs.

Our Corporate Clients

Read what clients say about the organization and working together.

Manfred Knof, Allianz Suisse

«We have set our mind on supporting women and families better. Today we already provide part-time jobs and Home Office Solutions. Due to the new office location we are offering up to date working conditions. Including a full-service childcare center, that we exclusively set-up with globegarden childcare, which will set new standards. We will gain attractiveness as employer and are able to provide career paths, where family and job are compatible. »

Andrea & Karsten G., Credit Suisse

«As working parents, we particularly like the locations of globegarden childcare. We believe nursery locations are in a key spot of Zurich city very convenient to parents like us who commute into Zurich city for work. It permitted us to pick up our son on time without disruption to a normal work schedule, and we feel confident that in an emergency we would be able to reach the daycare reasonably quickly. We highly recommend globegarden childcare to any family looking for daycare. »

Nadine B.-N., UBS

«My daughter is in the nursery Zürich globegarden since almost a year and our girl and my husband and I are extremely happy with globegarden childcare, in every respect. It is a highly professional, loving environment – to my astonishment one hardly sees a child cry there, at whatever time you appear. Staff is of highest quality. To sum it up – I found the best childcare in town! »

Carolina M.-M., Müller-Möhl Group

«The childcare organization sets up childcare centers together with big employers. I am fully convinced of the diverse services they offer. For small and big corporates, aiming to be prepared for the future, an infrastructure allowing for work-life integration is an essential part of their positioning as innovative and competitive companies. »

Related Services

Read more about globegarden solutions in employer-sponsored childcare. We provide back-up care and education as well as individualized work-life solutions to help parents balance work and family.


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Our expert consultants will help you evaluate your workplace environment and the childcare needs of your employees.

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