Globegarden Awards 2023

Every year there are beaming faces, confetti and moments of surprise when the awards are presented to the winners. Moments of appreciation, recognition and team spirit. Nominating people for an award who have made a difference in the life of a child or family has been a globegarden tradition for over 10 years. The 2023 awards will be presented at the Christmas Party. Nominate now!

Globegarden Awards Appreciation for Excellence

The awards recognize those who inspire us with their extraordinary efforts and make their individual daycare centers unique.

They are an expression of our appreciation and value-based culture Share, Teach, Act and Respect. The nominations are evaluated based on the four value categories. The globegarden Award Committee selects the winners in the categories Respect, Share, Teach and Act as well as the Center Awards and the Center of Excellence Award for daycare centers based on the nominations and the feedback submitted. 

Incredibly many of you took the opportunity to nominate your personal superstar right at the start of the globegarden Awards. We are thrilled by all the positive news and are happy to share the award nominations of the week with you!

­čîč The most beautiful nominations of the week ­čîč

She is my role model, from no one else could I learn so many new things as from her! She has a solution ready for every situation and simply gives everything so that the team, the children and the parents are doing well! I hope for many more years with her at my side in this great facility! 

globegarden Bernhardswies

The role of a Kita teacher in your child's life is so important. They are considered an extension of our family and have a role in helping us raise respectful, smart, and happy children. Our teacher has played a huge role in my daughter's development, teaching her, and encouraging her especially as it relates to English and potty training. As a parent I have full trust in her and appreciate the daily feedback and check ins with her. My daughter lights up when she is telling her something and telling me what they did for the day. 

globegarden Elias-Canetti

She is such an empathetic, always upbeat person who brings such calm to the daycare and shares all her great ideas with the whole team. I couldn't imagine working at this facility without her, as she does an incredibly great job! 

She knows when a hug is needed, and exactly when to expose our daughter to more challenges and how teach her to become more independent. She is truly a role model for our daughter! Her kindness and concern for everything that is going on in the kids' lives is admirable. 

She is a gifted and a wonderful kindergarten teacher, and she is going way above and beyond her role! 

We have become a small family and I am happy to also be a part of the big globegarden family. Here, not "only" the work is appreciated, but also the people as such. We are a strong team, we really did not have it easy last year. But we have always remained strong. We never buried our heads in the sand for a second.

globegarden Fluntern

First of all, I would like to say that I enjoy coming to work every day and love globegarden. In no other daycare center where I have worked before, I had such a cohesion. You can discuss everything at eye level, even disagree with each other and still treat each other with absolute respect. We can not only laugh together, but also cry together and always have support and can rely on each other.

globegarden Friedensgasse

There are just not enough words. You are the captain of this ship, and you give our globegarden the personal touch that makes it feel like a big family. You act every day, making the center work wonders! But most importantly, you act every time we share our worries, questions, or requests with you. We are extremely grateful, and we are sure that if we ask you something, you will give your best! Thanks a million!

globegarden Limmattalstrasse

She takes a genuine interest in my daughter that I very much appreciate. I do not have any hesitations when I drop my daughter off and she is there. She's a compassionate and caring person who I very much appreciate, and I believe she is a shining star and should be recognized as one.

globegarden Schiffbauplatz

She is just always happy and shares it with everybody. She always has a positive attitude and is passionate and very close to all the kids.

Thank you for sharing your positive attitude with us!

globegarden Thunstrasse

She has just been a bit over a month at the Kita but earned all our trust in just two days. My daughter, who needs some time to adapt to new people, was happy to go with her after just two days. She acts in a very respectful way with the children and can calm them down well.

Thank you, we are very grateful for your good work and dedication!

globegarden Uhlandstrasse

She has been at our globegarden for a long time. During all this time, with her extraordinary skills, she has taught our daughters a lot, and she has also herself learned other skills on this path. For example: Nutrition. We are grateful that she has taken the time to improve the center and even help the other professionals to grow with her.

Our deepest gratitude!

globegarden Zugerstrasse

She intuitively understands every child, brings the best out of each of them, and seems to perfectly balance the ÔÇ×rules" with kindness to achieve harmony in the toddlers' group. She also has the ability to challenge our children with activities while having fun, as recently demonstrated by the show she led a couple of months ago for the summer event! We believe that it is easy to tell that she truly loves her job and the children she is entrusted with because the children love her just as much in return. 

Our experience with globegarden has exceeded our expectations. When our daughter started going to globegarden earlier in the year, we were a bit hesitant going into the big group as she wasn't even walking yet. The teacher took care of her and made sure she felt welcome and safe, eventually growing into the class. During the handovers, the teacher explains the day in detail of what she learned and her experiences. 

She's very thorough, never rushed and has a lot of trust in her. We know she has so much fun at globegarden as in the evenings and weekends she speaks of all the teachers and classmates' names in excitement. The teacher has also been excellent at leading and training other teachers both in the class and outside.

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