Baby massage at daycare and at home

Babies touch, when the diapers are changed, between naps, at home or in daycare: We explain how they benefit and what to look out for.

Massages are pleasant and beneficial. That›s why we offer them in some of our daycare centers. Of course, we talk to the parents about it beforehand. Read why baby massages belong in the everyday life of parents and children.

The baby experiences itself and its world

Through massage, the baby experiences itself and its world. In addition, touch is the first language that the baby «speaks». It sends out body signals and experiences a bond that is essential for development. Research has found something reassuring in this regard: Parents usually intuitively do a good job when massaging.

This is what a massage is good for

Massage makes a straight connection to the baby›s experience in the womb, so through this touch the baby experiences the same security in the world it was born into. This is pleasant and beneficial. Here is a selection of what massage does:

  • It regulates the autonomic nervous system and the immune system.
  • It supports digestion and reduces flatulence. Many babies suffer from 3-month colic and flatulence. Massage soothes the gastrointestinal tract and helps release pressure.
  • The massage deepens the breathing.
  • It has a balancing effect on body tension. There are special techniques to release tension in the jaw or back.
  • It supports development. Scientists have found that loving touch leads to increased release of oxytocin, thereby decreasing the stress hormone cortisol, which is not beneficial for brain development.
  • It strengthens the bond.

This is what you need for baby massage

  • Room: It should be quiet and warm, the light is dim.
  • Equipment: Soft baby blankets and towels are suitable as a base.
  • Additional: Massage can be done with or without baby oil. If the massages are offered in the daycare center, each baby should gets its own oil from home.

Respectful interaction

The encounter with the baby is always done with respect and attentiveness. This manifests in simple things:

  • Asking for permission is done by observing the baby›s body signals.
  • No massage if the baby is hungry or tired.
  • The touch is gentle, but clear and understandable for the baby.
  • The baby determines the rhythm and pace of the massage, the massage is done with the baby, not on him.
  • The movements go from the head towards the feet and from the center of the body outwards.
  • There are also situations when it is better not to massage the baby, for example, when it is sick or he feels uncomfortable and cries.
  • Also, after medical indications such as a hernia or umbilical hernia.

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