„I want to be … an astronaut“

Do you remember what profession you dreamed of as a child? Did you want to be an astronaut? Astronaut is in the top ten of children›s dream jobs. Daycare children at globegarden can now live out this dream, as in February and March we are going on a journey into space...

What do a veterinarian, a pilot, a princess and an astronaut have in common? They all belong to the top 10 most popular professions among children. This is the result of a survey of 1,859 young people between the ages of 14 and 30 on their dream jobs as children. This doesn›t surprise us: In many globegarden daycare centers, children will be diving into the world of space travel in February and March - and they can feel like an astronaut. We craft space stations, create a milky way, learn about the moon and planets, and imagine what astronaut’s life might be like.

Awakening enthusiasm for STEM subjects
Enthusiasm for STEM subjects is laid at an early age. We make children become familiar with mathematics, science and technology in a playful way. The space station offers many opportunities to incorporate math and literacy activities for preschoolers. For example, children can „write“ a number for their mission in the logbook (number recognition = math), they choose a destination planet (science, reading), and they write the name of the astronaut who boards (writing). In addition, social interaction and language development are promoted, because all children are immersed in a world that is unknown to them.

What is STEM?
= science
T = technology
E = engineering
M = mathematics

Laying the foundation for future interests
The possibilities are almost unlimited. Inside the space station, the children collect rock samples from foreign planets, they make observations, measurements or learn to distinguish between weights. They learn about gravity, observe that the sky is blue during the day and black at night, and they see the Earth and its environment through different eyes. We use the best resource of all: the children‘s spirit of inquiry and we focus on their questions. In this way, we lay the foundation for joy in discovery, exploration and understanding.

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