Life is colourful

Pride Month stands diversity in action. That is why we at globegarden focus on the topics of Belonging, Acceptance, Appreciation and Respect. Every child is different, every family is different - every child is uniquely different. And every child can be proud of that.

This is important because children are particularly dependent on the attention and recognition of their parents, friends or educational staff. It is important to them how their peers and adults feel towards them. That is why daycare centres and kindergartens are an important place to give families and children space to develop and to strengthen them.

Our early childhood education plan places great emphasis on strengthening these areas. Here are a few examples:

Belonging: Games are designed to be inclusive, i.e. independent of gender, culture, ethnicity, language or skills. Another facet is that children joyfully use their language, customs or songs.

Acceptance and appreciation: Pre-K children develop a self-understanding of themselves and their role in the world. They learn to consider, accept and appreciate the situation of others.

Respect: In the Our World education program, we support children in forming a positive world view, as for them to develop a positive attitude towards life and the world, mutual respect is needed. This means that the children learn to be aware of and respect gender, ethnic and physical differences.

There are great children’s books on this topic. Just ask at your globegarden day care center!

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