Results employee survey 2020

As a Swiss-wide provider of childcare we passionately care for children, as well as make sure our teams and teachers experience a great place to work and can unlock their many talents and potential. We all at globegarden attach great importance to mutual respect, a high level of satisfaction with the way we work, fair wages and good social benefits, as well as training and further education and employee development, at all levels. We are convinced that such a working environment is crucial for us to be able to meet high quality standards.

That is why we regularly and anonymously carry out internal employee surveys in order to understand our teams even better and at all levels: including all apprentices and interns, assistants and special educators as well as center directors. All globegarden team members have the opportunity to give feedback there, because the workplace culture in our childcare centers is important for teams and also for the children and parents. With the employee survey, we also collect many good, innovative ideas in order to continuously grow and develop as a learning organization.

Employee survey results

It is with proud that we present  the yet again extremely positive feedback from all of our globegarden teams - at all levels. For example, the question of whether globegarden is a good place to work or whether there is a pleasant working atmosphere was agreed on by an average of over 90% of those surveyed. Overall, globegarden is recommended as an employer by 95% of the educational directors, 91% of the teachers and 88% of the learners and interns. Ratings for team spirit and cohesion or for the integration of new colleagues received similarly high approval ratings. It is particularly nice that the overwhelming majority of those surveyed are also proud to work at globegarden, feel that they are competently and humanely guided and just as well informed (specifically: 100% of the center directors, 94% of the teachers, 93% of the learners and interns). The questions that are important for parents are the ones about the educational care of children and the conviction that the children are lovingly cared for and encouraged at globegarden: 100% of all of globegarden’s center directors agree with these statements! 98% of the teachers are of the opinion that the children at globegarden learn important social skills and everything to be open and ready for life. The physical well-being, quiet times, the quality of the food and the hygiene situation in the individual facilities, which of course are of particular interest in light of the pandemic, are rated as very good by 95% on average.

However, we are certainly particularly proud of the fact that over 97% of all those surveyed, from interns to pedagogic managers, are of the opinion that their daycare center provides quality care. Finally, we are also pleased that over 95% of the opinion that the children enjoyed going to daycare even during the lockdown and that over 94% of the center directors and teams are convinced that the Covid-19 Protective and hygiene measures on site are well implemented.

We are very pleased with the results, but we don't want to be satisfied with them. Because there is always room for improvement. Therefore, we want to further improve our internal communication with employees and, above all, also achieve even better networking within the globegarden family - various joint projects are currently being evaluated for this purpose. Our recently completely renewed website serves this purpose already. Each daycare center now has its own authentic page on the new website.

Person of trust

Another very important measure for us is to give all employees the opportunity to turn to a competent person of trust if they have concerns or incidents that concern them in the workplace. We have been able to win over Rabea Koppenhagen, who has been the pedagogical director for over 8 years at globegarden. She managed the facility in Schaffhausen and Winterthur for years, is now working in Leutschenbachstrasse and, as an educational leader, accompanies a new opening of our sponsorship in St. Gallen. In addition to her professionalism, she is characterized by her keen sense for people and her great empathy and, as a globegarden veteran, is well networked both within our company and the industry. Ms. Anneliese Scott from the HR department is also available for English-speaking employees.

Trust and expert person regarding Prevention of Violence and Sexual Assault

As part of our quality strategy, we are also intensifying our already very great efforts in the prevention of violence and sexual assault. Here, too, we create an additional responsibility that Dominik Flaig takes on. Dominik Flaig has been with Globegarden as educational director since 2014 and is responsible for the Basel area management. Dominik belongs to the specialist group for the development of the code of conduct for the prevention of sexual violence, which was developed with the Limita specialist unit. He trains teams and advises parents on prevention work and is responsible for the prevention of violence and sexual abuse. It is very important to us that Dominik Flaig is available to both employees and you as parents as a person of trust in the event of suspicions or uncertainties, if parents or team members feel that they cannot or do not want to contact the center director, our educational management or their superiors.

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