Settling in at kindergarten - this is how it works

It doesn't matter whether it's the first, second or third child: Families always start from scratch when settling in at daycare and kindergarten. A few tips on how to make it work.

The transition from care at home to daycare and kindergarten is the first big stress test for most families. Children need to build trust with a new caregiver and they have to get used to being with other children. At globegarden, we work closely with parents to give children the gentlest possible start, laying the foundation for their future ability to bond.

Parents: How to prepare the transition

  • Get your child used to people outside the nuclear family at an early stage. If your child is taken care of by grandma once a week, it will give the child the experience that mom or dad will be back at the end of the day.
  • Plan for the fact that not everything will run smoothly. Take your time during the settling-in period. The environment is completely new for your child and this can be unsettling. That›s why there is no rule for the length of the settling-in period. The important thing is that parents are not under stress because they have to get to an work-appointment. Those who can organize a buffer into their work schedule should do so.
  • Prepare for leaving: During the first period of settling in, the presence of a parent provides security. When the first attempts for separation are made, they do not always go well. The professional staff gives the parents feedback and classifies the children›s behavior during this phase. This also makes it easier for parents to successfully manage their own weaning process.
  • Trust the staff: They are the pro when it comes to children in daycare and kindergarten. In addition, they are your educational partners for a few hours a day and ensure that your child receives the best possible support to develop his or her abilities.
  • Home at the daycare center: Give your child a familiar stuffed animal or cuddle cloth to take with them, so they have a piece of home in their new environment.
  • One big change is enough: Avoid further changes such as a move during the settling-in period.

What if settling-in does not work?

It happens again and again and has nothing to do with the children, the parents or the professionals. Sometimes it makes sense to postpone the settling-in process for a few months, because especially at the beginning in the daycare center it is important that the children get enough time. In the meantime, parents can try to have the child stay with grandparents or friends again and again, so that the child gets used to being with others - so they make the experience over and over again that parents always come back. This is the cornerstone for a successful settling-in period.

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