Improve Your Talent Strategy

Finding and retaining the right talent starts with a strategy focused on people's needs. That plan must also include the necessary measures to remove any obstacles damaging performance. Globegarden puts at your disposal a team of consultants who are experts in workplace environment evaluation to help you find the right KPIs to measure performance.

Win-Win for All

Win-win for all: apart from your company, children, employees, communities and also childcare operators profit from your investment. Last but not least, the set-up of childcare places makes Switzerland an innovative country.

  • Faster return of employees after maternity leave and higher productivity
  • Childcare centers close to employers and reduced childcare fees
  • Higher tax volume for communities, which become more attractive locations
  • More investment in quality care and staff

Strong and Sustainable Engagement

Retain Employees

Discover why employees leave your organization and the best ways to retain them.

Attract Talent

Improve your company's promise and attract the top-performing job seekers.

Promote Diversity

Recruit more female members to your team, increase diversity and foster innovation in the work environment.

Map the Future

Sponsored childcare is a brand differentiator, but every company has a very special set of requirements. Our consultants are experts in analyzing the precise traits that make your organization unique, using them to create forward-looking models based on all kinds of indicators – from demographics and location to business needs and goals.

  • Quantification of the expected ROI of onsite childcare
  • Research and insight on internal and external demand factors
  • Interviews to understand business culture, strategy and goals

Well-Being Evaluation

The well-being of your team has an enormous impact on job performance. Our consultants are experts in evaluating what's impacting your team to help you deploy strategic responses that get results.

  • Individual interviews and focus groups
  • Team demographic analysis
  • Well-being evaluations at the organization level

In-Depth Research

Our know-how and knowledge base help businesses identify and prepare against possible workspace issues. Our in-depth research, benchmark reporting and comprehensive studies of the top employers inform our HR consultants in the planning and implementation of well-being programs that lead to high-performance workplaces.

  • Learn best practices to foster innovation
  • Discover the common traits of a successful workplace
  • Identify the factors contributing to employee well-being

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