Silke Bührmann

Silke Bührmann, Regional Manager and Education Officer, has been making a difference at globegarden for 8 years in various operative leadership roles. In her current role, she is responsible for early education and operational excellence in globegarden centers. Silke is coaching and developing childcare directors and believes that our job is to unlock human potential. Silke is also an expert in the field of inclusion and special needs children; she is passionate about how we positively change lives here at globegarden. In addition, Silke is serving on the globegarden Award Committee for teachers and lead the globegarden committee to develop the Codex of Prevention of sexual Assault and Violence together with the external experts of Limita.

Silke holds a multitude of childcare degrees and non-profit management including advanced studies of school management of the Pedagogic School of Lucerne.

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