External audit

Top grades by reputed auditor

On a regular base, Globegarden commissions also external audit. This spring, our internal processes and procedures have been checked by the reputed Niederer Kraft Frey law firm in Zurich. We are very delighted that the expert opinion in this audit report could not be clearer: Globegarden is fulfilling all relevant rules and regulations, specifically in terms of the child care provided or the working conditions.

You will find the executive summary of this audit report here (PDF) 


The main points in brief:

  • Globegarden’s centres are regularly inspected by the authorities in the form of both pre-announced and unannounced visits. Indeed, Globegarden may even be subjected to such inspections more frequently than other daycare centres, perhaps in view of the size of our organization. In addition to these official outside inspections, Globegarden voluntarily both commissions and conducts regular further audits, and has also subjected itself to an extensive certification process for several years now.
  • Globegarden’s quality, safety and security concepts, its staff training and its internal rules and regulations all meet the highest standards.
  • In carer-to-child ratio terms, Globegarden complies with all the requirements of the supervisory authorities.
  • Globegarden enjoys high to very high satisfaction ratings among both parents and its staff at all childcare levels, as is confirmed in our regular sample surveys.
  • Globegarden is consistently fair and correct in employment law terms, too, and violates no such legal provisions.
  • In particular, Globegarden pays its employees at all care levels substantially more than the legal minima required, is punctual and reliable in its salary payments and ensures that the corresponding salary provisions are regularly monitored by various supervisory bodies.
  • Globegarden offers its employees further advantageous working terms and conditions including loyalty bonuses, permanent positions for trainees as soon as they have completed their probationary period, 25 days of annual vacation, per-diem sickness insurance benefits that are well above those prescribed by law, longer notice periods, half-fare travelcards and basic and further training opportunities. 
  • Globegarden earns very high marks from both parents and external audit reports for its nutritional concept, and for the fact that the food we serve on our premises is bought at Coop and freshly prepared in our own kitchens and by our own cooks.

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