Globegarden celebrates 15 years of commitment to families and careers and publishes the anniversary book „Brave, not perfect“

Zürich (ots). Globegarden, a leading childcare provider in Switzerland, marks its 15th anniversary in 2024 with the publication of a commemorative book titled “Brave, not perfect.” The book features narratives from women in science, entrepreneurship, politics, and culture, sharing their diverse and often challenging experiences with the delicate balance between family and career.

The book, available in both digital and physical formats, is entirely dedicated to the theme of work-life balance, a cause that globegarden has championed since its inception 15 years ago. It provides a diverse and inspiring perspective on the challenges faced by mothers who wish to remain professionally active in Switzerland.

Balancing Career and Parenthood

Women from politics, science, culture, and the arts, including economist Prof. Monika Bütler and entrepreneur Carolina Müller-Möhl, provide powerful testimonies about their experiences. Whether a prima ballerina, clinic director, politician, scientist, artist, or manager, these are all mothers who share a common goal: to have children while pursuing their careers.

Additionally, the book offers a comprehensive retrospective on the developments in Swiss childcare and societal changes, tracing the history of globegarden, which was inspired by Prof. Monika Bütler’s HSG study, “Working Doesn’t Pay, Having a Second Child Pays Even Less.”

Strain on Middle-Income Families

In 2007, Prof. Bütler not only identified that additional working hours could come with higher costs for external childcare but also that these costs might exceed the second family income. This reality persists today and has far-reaching implications. In Switzerland, only 34% of children are cared for in childcare centers, while 28% rely on the support of grandparents, particularly in middle-income families. In contrast, families with high incomes have 64% of children aged 0-2 years in childcare centers.

This situation poses a significant financial burden, especially for middle-income families. With the average per capita income in Switzerland at approximately CHF 85,000, working parents in full-time employment typically bear the full costs of childcare. Well-educated, ambitious young parents with average incomes often find themselves without financial assistance for childcare after years of education and career development.

Switzerland Lags Behind

Some significant facts about childcare in Switzerland, highlighted in the anniversary book:

  • Switzerland invests only 0.1% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in family support services, while other OECD countries average 0.8%.
  • Studies indicate that Switzerland’s GDP could increase by up to 6% if mothers were fully employed after childbirth.
  • In 2021, only 36% of children living in Switzerland were in childcare centers or supplementary school facilities, with the cost of a full-time childcare spot averaging more than a quarter of the total family income.

Not Striving for Perfection

The anniversary book, “Brave, not perfect,” not only critically examines these challenges but also features interviews and portraits of inspiring working mothers and families in Switzerland. They paint a picture of courage, resilience, and the ability to derive strength from vulnerability. They emphasize that the goal is not to be perfect, whether as a mother or a career woman, but to find one’s own path and grow alongside the challenges.

The title of the anniversary book, “Brave, not perfect,” is a call to all women (and men) in a world that demands constant adaptation to maintain authenticity and resist the pressures of unrealistic perfection.

The publication of the anniversary book coincided with the annual strategy weekend of the organization, held on January 12-13, 2024, with over 100 participants, marking a milestone for globegarden. It underscores the company’s ongoing commitment to early childhood education and the improvement of work-life balance.

About globegarden

Globegarden is a leading childcare provider in Switzerland, dedicated to promoting early childhood education and development as well as enhancing the work-life balance for 15 years. The company employs over 1000 staff members and operates more than 70 facilities in the German-speaking region of Switzerland.

Link to Anniversary Book

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