Yoga for Kids

Yoga is a great experience for all ages. Even infants can do special yoga exercises with their mothers. As there is no age restriction we make sure that the children at globegarden can safely slip into the role of a cobra or a dog.

What is Yoga for Kids?
Kid’s yoga is imaginative. The children are introduced to the asanas and experience them with fun. They themselves determine what the exercises look like. It works because they don‘t copy any exercises, but slip into the role of a cobra or a dog, they act out a snake or a crocodile and so find their own movements. The teachers tell matching stories or the children invent new ones that they find exciting.

Yoga for Kids with benefits
Yoga for Kids has an impact primarily on flexibility and balance. But it does even more: „Regular yoga practice has a positive effect on children and their development. In addition to joy, flexibility and coordination, it also significantly promotes balance, concentration, self-confidence and a sense of community,“ Sybille Schöppel, pedagogue and children‘s yoga expert from Austria, explained in the journal „Pädiatrie & Pädologie“ (issue 1/2017). This attitude towards life helps the growing young people to live life in a healthy, successful, joyful, self-confident and community-oriented way.

We pay attention
Of course, the exercises differ from adult yoga because not all asanas are suitable for children. For example, the wrists should not be stressed too much, and too much stretching should also be avoided. Therefore, we put together a program for children that is full of playful elements.

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